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    From Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike), known as well for his amazing Evolution and millions of other books are available for site Kindle. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A comprehensive, yet straightforward and effective roadmap to Joe Manganiello first gained recognition around the world for his incredible, Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download. Evolution book. Read 75 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Joe Manganiello first gained recognition around the world for his incredi.

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    Joe Manganiello Evolution Book

    What Joe outlines in EVOLUTION is, like it says on the tin, a six-week For Six Weeks I Lived By Joe Manganiello's Insane Diet and Workout Plan . The workouts are in the book, I'm not going to outline them in great detail. Evolution by Joe Manganiello, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Joe Manganiello's picture is next to the definition of 'fitness' in Webster's . covers and media have spanned the globe and his self help/fitness book Evolution.

    Published on December 22nd, by admin. Joe Manganiello Distributor: James Wright. Evolution is a truly inspiring book for males written by Hollywood actor Joe Manganiello True Blood, Magic Mike in order to help men break their mind-set to work for the body that they have dreamed of. The book also goes into the history of Manganiello and how this tall lanky teenager became one of the fittest men in Hollywood. The book is split into 11 easy to read chapters and how the motivation that Manganiello found can be transferred to the reader. Ironically Manganiello reinforces that sometimes failure is the foundation of success and many of us need to experience this, re-evaluate it and then evolve from the experience. He also transfers his motivation such as helping the reader take control of their body and how to become the healthiest male possible, including healthy eating and lifestyle. Manganiello reinforces in the book many times that he never had this body growing up and it was something that he had to work towards. He even smoked and led that unhealthy lifestyle until something changed inside him. The last part of the book also contains a plethora of workouts designed in conjunction with Ron Matthews that targets a variety of body parts such as abs, biceps and legs. These workouts are also easy to follow and generally involve 3 to 4 steps. Books Published on December 22nd, by admin 0. About the Author. The Dreaming Vol.

    I saw him in an interview not too long ago saying the publishing company wanted more of the same kind of thing, and whoever manages his social media I've had Joe Manganiello's Evolution sitting on a shelf since Christmas, and hadn't gotten around to reading it yet. I saw him in an interview not too long ago saying the publishing company wanted more of the same kind of thing, and whoever manages his social media accounts I doubt it's the man himself continually re-tweets photos of people claiming the book has really changed their lives.

    Let me first be clear on what this book is, and what it is not.

    Despite the fact that Mr. Manganiello is a fine specimen of the human male by any account, he has no formal training in fitness, nutrition, or physiology, nor does he claim to be an expert in any of these fields. The book is not co-written by anyone with formal fitness credentials. What we then have is simple anecdotal examples of what works for him. There is nothing wrong with that. Sharing life lessons is part of the human experience and we can certainly learn from the example of others, but we also need to be aware of what exactly it is that we're entering into.

    Manganiello's Evolution serves primarily as a motivational and inspirational tome. He shares his story of being the weakest kid on his high school sport teams and how he managed to find the best trainers and learn all that he could about changing his body into the form he was looking to inhabit.

    There are a lot of self-help and mindset comments, like "Don't accept yourself as a finished product.

    It means you have so much more you can accomplish. He did so by challenging the conventional wisdom and believing it could be done, and also trained in such a way to focus on the goal. It's definitely a relevant and inspirational story. Manganiello also goes way beyond CrossFit in adding cable machines, leg pres and curls and other things one need standard gym equipment to perform. There are a few places where this book falls apart for me.

    Manganiello refers a few times to a former girlfriend or perhaps two of them -it was hard to tell who he felt held him back from reaching his true potential. One instance was that she didn't want him skydiving and the other was that the girlfriend wasn't happy living across the street from a gym. He seems to ignore what might be the real reasons behind these objections and focus on how it affected him.

    The skydiving story is framed within a conversation with one of his coworkers who needed multiple surgeries after a skydiving accident. The accident was so bad that the guy lost part of his foot and shattered his leg in seventy two places.

    Manganiello's takeaway from the conversations about this man's injuries was- find a new girlfriend who won't worry about you maiming or killing yourself. The issue with living across the street from the gym was not really elaborated. Who knew why the girl didn't like the place? I'm not sure why either anecdote was included, or why the editor felt they were relevant and left them there.

    They had nothing to do with anything and just felt like sour grapes and a way to vent some left over anger about old relationships. For a guy who wrote a book about focusing on being productive in life, this was certainly unnecessary and snarky. Evolution is geared toward men. The verbiage used indicates that Manganiello is talking specifically to men here.

    He uses the term, "most guys" quite often throughout the book. I get that, I guess. Much of this is him sharing his own stories and experience of a journey from a skinny kid to a the image he presents today. It does seem like a missed opportunity, though. Manganiello has made his name based on his looks, and a major piece of that is his appeal to women.

    He, his editor, publisher, etc. The pages and pages of photos are certainly proof that the publisher was looking to sell this book across gender lines, yet, like in most of the fitness industry, the words are chosen in an effort to sell men one thing and women something else. The other day I wrote about wanting to throw a weight at the male instructor in my spin class after he made a comment about the hand weights being light, so the ladies didn't have to "worry about bulking up.

    While we may not want to look like Joe, that doesn't mean that the same lessons about how to make the journey don't apply to the XX chromosome set.

    Joe Manganiello snoozes beside copy of his workout book Evolution

    Yes, if you're looking for someone to tell you you can do it. The photos and examples of form for various movements were wise to include. Hell, yes. There's a chapter dedicated to how Joe gets ready for shirtless photo and film shoots.

    On one hand it's all about how he's not different than anyone else, then he's talking about how he pumps up for the camera. The bottom line is it's a celebrity workout book, not a fitness guide or text. Take it for what it's worth, absorb the motivational efforts of the author and enjoy the photos. That's what I did! View 2 comments. Dec 09, Ann rated it it was amazing. Mind set, inspiration, discipline, eating guide, cardio, weight workouts and schedules for an amazing transformation.

    Pictures and explanations of the workouts helpful, Joes pics…nothing short of ah inspiring. Joe cuts through the crap and gives you the exact way to go about having amazing results. Hate cardio? Something that drives me nuts while I'm at the gym Loved the dialogue here. Want those ripped abs? Joe tells you how. For that matter ripped everywhere. His pics are definitely drool worthy and most impressive. View 1 comment. May 24, Brian rated it it was amazing. This book is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to improve their body, self-esteem, and happiness, male OR female!

    Extremely well written. Very much motivational in the concept of pushing through your own self-imposed mental limits and cravings. Everything you need to know about getting off your ass, stop making excuses and eating properly and exercising regularly with the right amount of focus and intensity to actually see results. You don't say, "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I'll start next wee This book is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to improve their body, self-esteem, and happiness, male OR female!

    You don't say, "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I'll start next week", you say "I start right now. May 23, Kristen rated it liked it.

    A friend gave us this book -- in his words, "the message is for Todd, the pictures are for Kristen. I'm not trying to become a bodybuilder, so I give the text three stars but the photos a solid five stars.

    Mar 03, Ljp rated it it was amazing. This book is the real deal. Joe Manganiello gets you inside his head and shows you the frame of mind necessary for success in a fitness program and perhaps beyond , in an easy-to-read, easy-to-grasp manner.

    It's a no-nonsense approach, it doesn't promise magic tricks and shortcuts to skip the hard work necessary to get in truly great shape, it just tells you how to deal with them. Joe brings the blueprint, YOU bring the willpower. There is no substitute This book is the real deal. There is no substitute for hard work; Joe believes this and so must you if you want the program to work for you. Believe me, if you put the effort in, it WILL work for you.

    I picked this book up on a whim, thinking that I already had a pretty solid workout routine and was seeing results and making steady gains for well over a year. My routine was getting boring and monotonous lately though because of repetition, so I decided to branch out and try following somebody else's routine to take me out of my comfort zone.

    After the very first workout, I was a convert. I'd never worked as hard in my life. The speed of the workouts makes it a cardio routine as well as a lifting routine, and within a few sets I was leaving a trail of sweat on the floor.

    Say what you will about a celebrity fitness book and the credentials of an actor as a fitness guru, but the real star of the book is the 6-week Evolution transformation program.

    The workouts are designed by a true fitness guru and celebrity trainer, Ron Mathews, and they are intense enough for even very advanced fitness enthusiasts to use and benefit from. The program promotes lower weights, higher reps, and less rest than you're probably used to, and manages to target and activate not only every individual muscle group, but every single part of every muscle. Exercises and grips are constantly changed to keep your muscles guessing and to target individual components of muscles that you may not even have been using.

    Within 2 weeks I had separation in my delts and lats that I had never achieved before because I was lifting heavy weights and forcing my body to compensate rather than engaging all of the right muscles. If you don't have this book and you're serious about working out, you need it.

    Follow this program and you're guaranteed to see results you haven't seen before.

    Joe Manganiello snoozes beside copy of his workout book Evolution | Daily Mail Online

    If you're not planning to go all the way, don't even bother. This is not a book for quitters. Thank you Joe and Ron for helping sculpt my body and my life. Dec 10, Angela Ohrn rated it liked it. I'm not sure why this has such a high average rating - it covers pretty basic material. I was looking for a little more inspiration in the mindset aspect of a transformation than the "yeah it sucks but just do it because it works" that was presented.

    Jul 27, Karen rated it really liked it. You can boil the content down to this: In order to make your body look fantastic, you need to decide that your priority is to make your body look fantastic, and take the steps necessary to do so.

    And holy shit, those steps are hard. And also, Joe Manganiello seems like a cool guy.

    Apr 09, Sameh is currently reading it. Quotes "That internal fire can never burn without some fuel, and that fuel can come in the form of disappointment, embarrassment, and even jealously. I needed to feel it. I needed to sit in it. I needed to know what losing felt like, and I needed to get angry about it and never want to feel that way again.

    Without it, I would have been robbed of the lifeblood that has propelled me all these years later. It would have eliminated my opportunity to stand taller. But their ceilings and limitations are perceived barriers that restrict what they can achieve.

    The most important takeaway: Your muscles go on and go off. You use only as many fibers as your muscles need. So working at a moderate weight and learning how to completely turn on that muscle fiber is more beneficial than just stacking a bar with weight and putting tension on your ligaments and joints to control the movement.

    The goal is to squeeze your muscles during each movement, and for every rep to be controlled and felt in your muscles through a full range of motion. And for that to happen, you need to drop the weight. Check your ego, lower the weight, and let your body grow. Create the mind—muscle connection first and then increase the weight.

    The equation for power is simple: A better way to think about your time in the gym is squeezing your muscles with resistance. This is not about eating as much as possible.

    Instead, listen to your body. Jan 15, luxelibrarian rated it it was ok. I liked the idea of this book, but I don't see how your everyday non-celebrity guy can relate to much in this book.

    Talk of prepping for shoots, not eating anything to look good on camera- it comes off to me as elitist. Especially when the diet is trying to maintain a pure state? Seems a bit backward, especially when bringing up the background of mostly organic and the plug of grass-fed meats.

    I could have went without the mild snarky mentions of how many ex- girlfriends who got in his way of his evolutional body; I mean, I get the point trying to be made, but why bring up the exs? Point could have been made without directly mentioning them- I found it tacky. Also tacky? The "gift from the gods" crap. As if trainers of celebrities are the only trainers in the world who have the background to guide us lowly gym everydayers.

    I get that the ppl who formed you were just regular dudes back in the day, but I also felt a elitist vibe here. Also, don't need to be reminded that you don't NEED to make money off us non-celebrities from this book, because you "make enough in your day job". This could have been so much better, but some little tidbits just rubbed me the wrong way. I really thought it was to help us regular joes get a werewolf body with a werewolf workout, but why the heck would we be obsessed about being on camera or needing a tan?

    Sun damage leads to skin cancer, by the way. Not the greatest recommendation there. Also, there are many mentions of working one's muscles to failure, the whole point of some of these lifting sets and not resting in between - I was super surprised at the absolutely NO mention of rhabdomyolysis - or rhabdo - as it's known in the CrossFit world and as Joe's trainer was involved in CrossFit, I was really hoping this topic would be discussed.

    Another tidbit, I'm a runner - was a hardcore treadmill runner for a good 10 years until I started burning out and took my feet outside, with my short stride I'm 5'4 on a good day , I don't even think I could hop on the treadmill at an incline of 10 or 7 or whatever it was - with a treadmill speed set at 12mph.

    No way. To be honest, that's extremely dangerous and would be absolutely jarring for your joints, considering how many times you have to quickly jump off to the side to rest for 15 seconds and repeat 10 times. I'd fly off the treadmill and there's no way my legs could stand that speed and imagine once you started to get tired??? Maybe if I was 6'5" like Joe?? This book could have been so much more personable and relatable - but some of the little things just blew it off course.

    However, I'd still love to workout with Joe. Maybe I could teach HIM a thing or two. Feb 14, Yvette rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn't download this just to perv, although it is seriously perv worthy and comes with a whole chapter of photos of him, I bought it to change my life.

    I'd read bit of it online and that's where the changes started. The book is easy to read, factual, helpful and inspiring.

    Evolution (Joe Manganiello) Book Review

    It is definitely worth reading if you want to change your lifestyle, get fit and get ripped. And while aimed at the guys obviously! I have brown and gray hair. One of my eyes is 30 percent smaller than the other. I work out a lot, and have for the last few years. This is what I look like: Courtesy Nicole Cliffe I took a significantly less flattering picture of myself a few days before, prior to starting this regimen, but I was PMSing and have chosen not to share this picture with you because my nips are too obvious in it.

    Just imagine it looks like the above image, but add 12 pounds of bloat. That'll do it. What Joe outlines in Evolution is, like it says on the tin, a six-week workout and diet routine. It purports to be the exact plan he followed to get in shape for True Blood. When it occurred to me that it might be fun to do a stunt journalism piece where I followed his plan to the letter for six weeks and wrote about the results, I was in the process of shutting down my website, The Toast, which I had started and run with my friend Mallory Ortberg for the last three years.

    As you can imagine, I had a lot of feelings about this, and sometimes the best thing to do with too many feelings is to embark on an extremely grueling six-day-a-week workout regimen and refuse to eat any carbs that aren't sweet potatoes, a starch I personally loathe in all its forms. As you can imagine, I had a lot of feelings about this, and sometimes the best thing to do with too many feelings is to embark on an extremely grueling six-day-a-week workout regimen and refuse to eat any carbs that aren't sweet potatoes.

    The first thing I did was throw my razor in the trash. I was a werewolf now. An animal. A creature of the night. The second thing I did was retrieve my razor, having remembered that I find armpit hair poky and unpleasant, and also that razors cost money. I did stop shaving my legs, though. It helped. The third thing I did was go to the supermarket armed with the following list: Courtesy of Nicole Cliffe There are a few things that a trained observer will immediately grasp, looking at this list.

    One is that Joe Manganiello is a very tall, very large man, so he can put "cheddar cheese block" on his diet plan and assume that will work out just fine for everyone.

    Another is that this is a very specific list. Cherry-and-fig balsamic vinaigrette! Think Thin bars, but only the peanut butter flavor this was a problem for me, as stores seem to now carry only the CHUNKY peanut butter flavor, which has a different nutrition profile from the OG peanut butter variety. There are no meal plans. There are no portion suggestions.

    I am a woman in our society. I can do any stupid damn diet you can invent for six weeks. I could eat nothing but dryer lint for six weeks. Now, I am a woman in our society. I can do keto standing on my head. Whole 30? A snap. Of course. I can make bullshit ricotta pancakes and prepare steel-cut oats the night before and I know how many carbs are in an ounce of cashews.

    You want to know my macros? I'll add you on MyFitnessPal. The diet was not going to be a problem. There's a list, I will eat the foods on the list, I will eat no foods not on the list, done. Alcohol is not on the list. Alcohol, Joe Manganiello says, is "the destroyer.

    Now we come to the workouts. This is where things start to go very wrong, very quickly. The workouts are in the book, I'm not going to outline them in great detail, but that first day will be burned on my brain forever.

    It was a chest and back day werewolves do chest and back on Mondays and Thursdays, legs and triceps on Tuesdays and Fridays, shoulders and biceps on Wednesdays and Saturdays , and it began, like every day for the next six weeks of my life, with Joe's Dynamic Warm-Up: 20 lunges per leg, 15 squats, 15 push-ups, 30 seconds of side-to-side jumping, and 30 seconds of front-to-back jumping.

    The first circuit was a combination of barbell bench pressing and lat pulldowns. That's fine. What wasn't fine was the rep count.

    You have never seen these reps before. No one thinks this makes sense. It means that, as you get tired, you do fewer reps, which makes sense, but then, for no reason, you start going back up.

    This is not normal.


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