Return to Zero (Lorien Legacies Reborn, book 3) by Pittacus Lore - book cover, description, publication (The third book in the Lorien Legacies Reborn series). Author Pittacus Lore's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest Pittacus Lore is Lorien's ruling Elder. (Lorien Legacies Reborn, book 3). The first three novels in the bestselling Lorien Legacies series that began with I Am Number Four are included in this collection:I Am Number Four: The book by Pittacus Lore. On Sale: 09/01/ I Am Number Four: The Beginning: Books .

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    Pittacus Lore Book 3

    Editorial Reviews. Review. PRAISE FOR THE I AM NUMBER FOUR SERIES: “ Number Four is Enter a promotion code or Gift Card · Share. Kindle App Ad. Return to Zero (Lorien Legacies Reborn Book 3) by [Lore, Pittacus]. Lorien Legacies is a series of young adult science fiction books, written by James Frey, Jobie Hughes, and formerly, Greg Boose, under the collective pseudonym Pittacus Lore. . The Rise of Nine, the 3rd book of The Lorien Legacies, was released on August 21, John and Nine escape from the Mogadorian base and. The Rise of Nine book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Rise of Nine is the next thrilling instalment in the grippi.

    This fast-paced, action-packed adventure—which is set in the world of I Am Number Four—is perfect for fans of the Darkest Minds se From Book 1: Fan-favorite characters Six and Sam Goode This is the fourth page n Newcomers as well as fans of the original series will devour this fast-paced, a This is the second page novella, continuing

    The Lorien Legacy series is a series of books that details the history of the Lorien society. All his work is published by Harper Collins from the year to date. John smith together with his protector named Henri are running away from the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians are another race of aliens hunting John Smith and other eight Loric teenagers residing on planet Earth.

    The nine teenagers have special powers known as the Legacies and belong to a group known as the Garde. The Garde are protected by charm and they can only be killed in numeric order but only when they are far apart.

    The first three members of the Garde have been killed, John, who is number four is the next in line. John and his protector Henry move from Florida to paradise Ohio. They later resolved their differences and become friends.

    John also becomes best friends with Sam Goode. He later finds a dog and names him Bernie Kosar who later turns out to be a Loric Chimera who can transform. Hence Sarah discovers his secret but they all remain supportive. Towards the end of the book, John is found by the Mogadorians and a battle ensues at paradise high school in Ohio.

    However, Henry dies in the battle and Bernie Kosar is badly injured. Due to these events, John is blamed and he is therefore forced to leave his girlfriend and leaves together with number six, Sam and Bernie Kosar in search of the other members of the Garde.

    The story starts by showing the life of Marina at the convent and how John, Number six his friends are evading the police and the Mogadorians. Marina makes friendship with Ella a new girl at the convent who later happens to be the tenth member of the Garde.

    The opening of the chest notified the Mogadorians of their whereabouts. They were attacked in the night by the Mogadorians but they managed to escape. They head back to retrieve this information. However, they managed to escape from prison. On the other hand Marina tries to persuade her protector named Adellaide to open her chest but in vain. The little girl Ella discovers the chest and together with Marina they went to retrieve it.

    However, they are confronted by four girls from the convent and they are forced to fight. Many activities unfold in this book that enables the Garde members to realize their Legacies and how to use them. For instance, John smith Number Four had a legacy called Lumen that made his hands glow like a flashlight, he was also resistant to fire and could control fire. Number six had the ability to control elements and the weather, she also had the power to be invisible.

    Marina on the other hand had the power to heal with her palms, she could breathe under water and being able to communicate with animals. I Am Number Four: The Legacies contains three action-packed novellas that give the heart-pounding backstories of some of your favorite Loriens. I've seen him on the news. Followed the stories about what happened in Ohio. John Smith, out there, on the run.

    To the world, he's a mystery. But to me. Nine of us came here, but sometimes I wonder if time has changed us -- if w Nine of us came here. We look like you. We talk like you. We live among you. But we are not you. We can do things you dream of doing.

    We have powers you dream of having. We are stronger and faster than anything you have ever seen. We are the superher We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: United as One. The Lorien Legacies - 7. Last Defense. Legacies Reborn. Ther Fate of Ten. The Lorien Legacies - 6. The Guard. The Navigator. The Fugitive. The Revenge of Seven. The Lorien Legacies - 5.

    Five's Betrayal. Return to Paradise. After reading this book, I finally appreciated Four. Full review here: Only two more months and I am more stoked than ever. Please continue to preoder The Rise of Nine for us to read the origin of Number 8 and many more! I just read an excerpt of the book like just a while ago.

    I didn't even know it was on the Internet already! Anyway, it was only one or two chapters, but it frustrated the hell out of me. Remember when Four told Six to meet up in West Virginia or something? Well guess what? They're going to the Himalayas instead to meet a boy who supposedly has powers like Pittaus Lore.

    I've read enough YA books to convince me that they're not meeting Four for a while. I hope Sarah won't make a cameo in this book, much less mention her name. Less than a year till this book comes out! So excited to read about Nine! Aug 26, Don rated it it was ok. It's puzzling that so many of the reviews predate the book's release. Clearly fans of the series had high hopes for Rise of Nine, as did I. The book disappointed me.

    Despite the build-up, the book seems hastily thrown together. Without giving it away, I can say that the ending doesn't resolve the story-line of this installment; much less does it move the big picture of the Lorien Legacies to a foreseeable conclusion. It's like the author just stopped at Chapter 30, with a half page of denouement.

    You can't even be sure the Loriens will safely make it to the next installment, although obviously they will. Rise of Nine lacks the tenderness and deft craftsmanship of the original book, I Am Number Four, with the carefully developed relationships between the hero, Four or "John Smith" and his girlfriend Sarah and best friend Sam.

    You sometimes feel that you're in a world where two superpowered races are thrashing out their bitter feud on earth while the human characters are just gullible pawns. The title character is anything but heroic--he shows contempt for humanity and callous disregard for the people who have sacrificed to assist the Loriens. There is little sign of his "rising," except in an anomolous, disconnected scene where he rescues some crime victims.

    We don't hear his point of view, except for hints that his captivity with the Mogadorian "bad guys" hardened him. His only "redeeming" characteristic is lust, if you can call it that.

    Even John Smith falls short of his previous iterations. He seems weak and indecisive for most of the novel; he progresses not at all in the manner the series leads us to expect. One of the two leading human characters--Sam--just disappears apart from John's periodic moaning about how he left him helpless in the hands of unspeakably cruel aliens. He doesn't even appear in the story's resolution. The girlfriend reappears but is presented very elliptically, so that the central mystery around her is left largely unexplained.

    The discovered Lorien characters who have yet to have books named for them--Seven, Eight, and Ten--have little depth in this installment. I can't clearly distinguish between Seven and Ten. My disappointment after such high expectations aside, I still raced through the book and was drawn into the action sequences.

    But the action seems freestanding--it doesn't appreciably advance the larger plot. Clearly, the author punted this installment and leaves much of the progression from books one and two to the next, fourth installment. I will definitely download it when it comes out assuming it isn't so far into the future that I move on with my life but another read as unsatisfying as Rise of Nine will turn me off completely.

    View 2 comments. This series is getting better and better with each book I read and I really couldn't be enjoying it more! As with the first two books, The Rise of Nine captures your attention right from the beginning and keeps it until the very end! I didn't think it was possible for this book to be more action packed than the previous one but it absolutely was!

    It's non stop action the whole way through and I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole book! I also really loved getting to meet more of This series is getting better and better with each book I read and I really couldn't be enjoying it more! I also really loved getting to meet more of the Loric and see them developing their Legacies, it's such an interesting concept and it only gets more interesting as you learn more about it!

    I was pleased to see more of the Mogadorians as well, even though I have grown to quite dislike them! I definitely wasn't expecting to love this series as much as I am and it's been such an awesome ride so far! I had originally planned to take a break after the first three books but seeing as I'm enjoying them so much and after the way this one ended, I'm definitely starting the next in the series immediately! May 01, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Four I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to call him John Smith, which happens to be the worst name I have ever heard in my life needs to ditch Sarah.

    I'm sorry, but I just don't like her anymore. Six is so much better. Nine is a beast. I love him. Seven annoys me. I love Sam. I hope they find his dad. And I hope all of them reunite somewhere totally epic, like Australia. I don't know why I came up with that, but whatever.

    I can imagine the ending to be extremely amazing, and I'm g holy freaking freak. I can imagine the ending to be extremely amazing, and I'm gonaa be totally disappointed if it doesn't meet up with my standards, but then again, I have a hyperactive imagination. That's why I'm a writer myself. Please tell me I'm not the only one who is going to die every day until it comes out. Sep 12, Eric Allen rated it did not like it. It was a generally harmless tale of a boy coming of age, and it's the sort of thing I'd probably give to a teenaged boy of mine to read.

    The second book took everything that was superficially entertaining about the first book and utterly destroyed it. After a year of waiting the, strangely enough, much awaited threequel to this hit and miss series has come around, and unfortunately, I'm going to have to say that it was even worse than the second book. We begin with John, a. Number Four, and Nine on the run after escaping the Mogadorian base.

    These characters are both such utter douchebags and general, all around, horrible people, that it is hard to care about anything they do, or anywhere they go. All they seem to do is argue, bicker, fight and butt heads. They meander around doing not much in the plot important enough to deserve half of the book's page count devoted to them. Certain events near the ending of book two have made me utterly incapable of liking or even sympathizing with John.

    He is extraordinarily selfish and incredibly stupid. I cannot see him as anything but the utter douchebag that he proved himself to be at the end of the previous book and my opinion of him is now forever colored by those actions. I do not care what he is doing or why, because I do not care about him as a character, because his behavior was so objectionable that I have actually started to cheer the villains on in hunting him down. And Nine is grating and pompous, with few, if any, redeeming qualities of his own.

    Putting these two characters together, and devoting so much of the book to them whilst not giving them really anything important to be doing was a huge mistake and completely ruins any excitement factor or pacing that the book might, otherwise, have had.

    Marina a. Number Seven, Ella a. After several chapters of filler, they finally meet up with him and get split up whilst trying to teleport to New Mexico, where everything of utter import is inexplicably located.

    Through the power of Dues Ex Machina, John and Nine find themselves on a road trip to New Mexico just in time to conveniently meet up with everyone else, and head into a secret military base to take on Setricus Rah, the leader of the Mogadorians to little effect.

    Somewhere during this section the writers felt the need to point out some of their own plot holes to the readers in stating that though defeating Setricus Rah will end the war, it won't end the war. Very contradictory and confusing to anyone still paying attention by this point. The book then ends rather abruptly with several case files about powers or personalities of the Numbers that should have been incorporated into the story rather than dumped at the end.

    The Good? I'm really stretching to think of anything worthwhile in this book, and nothing comes to mind off the top of my head. The cover art was good, I guess, if a little generic. It advertises exactly what you're going to get in the book.

    A whole lot of nothing interesting. The Bad? There are FAR too many characters in this book. The authors obviously struggled to keep up with them all, and give them all things to do. Four and Nine are both idiots and utter douche canoes, irrelevant for almost the entirety of the book and basically just take up space. A whole LOT of space. Marina, who was the one and only bright point of the previous book, has basically been relegated to scenery and plot service in the way of healing.

    Ella barely even exists and usually only maintains a presence by being mentioned by other characters. Six has become something of a stereotypical tomboy written by men who don't have the slightest clue how to write a tomboy character, and her personality and motives are often inconsistent and fluid. Eight exists I guess. There's not enough going on in this book to justify three separate groupings of characters in three locations.

    There's not enough going on to justify the existence of even half of the characters at all. The writers really stretched to outdo themselves and take things to the next level, and completely and utterly failed to do so.

    What's worse is that there is still at least one more character yet to be introduced, which does not bode well for future volumes of this series.

    This book comes across as a lengthy, meandering, and nonsensical criticism on the United States government more than anything else. Painting the USA as the money grubbing, power hungry secondary villain. It is true that the US government does have its issues that are currently causing quite a bit of strife in this country, yes.

    But this is a book for children. Children do not need to be terrorized by it. Children do not need to be raised to fear and hate the government they live under simply because the author does not agree with the things they are currently doing. It seems as though the authors are rather blatantly trying to sow the seeds of anarchy and rebellion in the youth of America. I am not typically an overly patriotic person, but I find this somewhat offensive, especially since this is a book targeted at children.

    If you hate the government and want to see them fall, fine, but don't go giving the idea to children before they're old enough to have formed their own opinions on the matter themselves.

    The Ugly? This book is terribly written. I'm talking like Suzanne Collins or Dan Brown terrible here. The first book, while generic, and not altogether anything to write home about, displayed a whole lot more in the way of writing talent than is showcased here. The tense is often inconsistent, wavering between past and present. The descriptions of things are often either completely lacking or completely inappropriate. Things just happen to no point or purpose simply because the plot says they should.

    There's no sense of anything driving the story except for the writer's desire to move on to the next scene. This is something that I wish the entertainment industry as a whole would take to heart. Look Entertainment Industry, I don't know about you, but I don't like douchebags. You've really got to stop making the main characters of your books, movies, TV shows, etc douchebags on purpose. No one likes a douchebag.

    No one sympathizes or empathizes with a douchebag. No one identifies with or wants to be more like a douchebag. When your supposed hero is a complete and utter douchebag with few, if any, redeeming qualities, the audience, frankly, begins to root for the villains. And that is what is happening here. Pretty much every male character in this book is a complete and utter douchebag.

    They act like douchebags. They think like douchebags. And I simply don't care to read about them. I found myself sympathizing more with the villains because half of the cast of this book is so incredibly douchey that I honestly want to see them fail. Four, Nine, and Eight are terrible characters.

    They act like terrible people. They display nothing that is admirable or worthy of looking up to in a hero. They are the complete opposite of what the hero of a light-hearted adventure should be. Their behavior is more in line with villains of many YA genre pieces that are peers to this one. When I don't care about the characters, I don't care what happens to them.

    I Am Number Four

    When I don't care what happens to them, any peril they find themselves in is meaningless, because honestly, I'm rooting for the other side at this point. I WANT them to fail. I WANT to see them fall. I WANT to see the villains triumph over them. This should not happen in ANY work of fiction.

    If he's not, we don't have any reason to care about him. Tension, drama, and suspense all come from having an emotional connection something other than utter loathing with the characters. We are supposed to care about them, and when we don't the entire story woven about them becomes pointless, boring, and frankly a chore to read through. Action scenes, of which there are many in this book, are meaningless when you don't care about the characters participating in them.

    They're more boring than anything else. It took me well over a month to trudge through this book because I was just so disinterested in what ninety percent of the cast was up to. Four and Nine, frankly, didn't even have any need to be in this book until the climax at all, so their presence in the majority of it was doubly objectionable. There were so many characters being juggled here that those characters who had personalities to begin with, find themselves watered down and mere shadows of who they were in previous books.

    The authors took the earliest possible opportunity to jettison some of the dead weight in characters, but it didn't help much. Frankly this book is a complete mess. Even setting aside the flaws in the characters completely, and focusing just on the story itself, the entire thing is beginning to unravel at this point because the foundation upon which it all is built was hardly sturdy to begin with.

    This is exacerbated by the fact that the authors seem to feel the need to point out many of their own plot holes to the readers. Character motives make no sense because they are not given a context. This book must be taken with a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, however, things just start getting more and more ridiculously improbable, stretching that suspension beyond the breaking point. Nothing drives the narrative at all. There is nothing pushing events forward. There is no forward momentum pressing the characters onward except for the need to move on to the next stage of the story.

    There is no tension, no drama, no suspense at all. It's very fake and forced, feeling nothing like the flowing narrative it should be. Things simply happen with no explanation because the story needs to move on. There are no clear motives behind anything and nothing feels as though there is any urgency behind it. A lot of the powers that the Loric children display stray too often into the realm of Dues Ex Machina, inexplicably creating a way for them to move on to the next stage of the story when the authors painted themselves into a corner.

    Nothing really makes any sense in this book. The motives behind generally every single action that anyone makes in it is unclear, so the whole thing is just a gigantic mess of confusion. There are just too many characters now for the writers to keep up with, and the story itself is taking some heavy hits because of it, relying far too heavily on plot convenience and Dues Ex Machina to pave the way.

    In conclusion, this book is a complete mess. It suffers from far too many characters and not enough for them all to be doing. It focuses a great deal of attention on characters doing nothing important in place of showing things that more seamlessly tie events together into a cohesive, character driven storyline. Many of the characters are unbearable, and made me, at least, actually begin to sympathize more with the villains. Characters who were once bright points of the series, bringing life and color to an otherwise generic story, have faded into the background and barely have a presence to make way for the utter douchebaggery of other, seemingly more important characters.

    It is badly written, poorly paced, and feels as though there is not a single thing driving it except for the needs of the plot to move on to the next scene. The amount of reliance on plot convenience and Dues Ex Machina is horribly objectionable, and completely shatters any credibility that the story may have had to begin with.

    The foundation upon which this story was built was shaky to begin with, and now that we're three books in, a lot of cracks and flaws in the logic are becoming painfully apparent. I don't think I can make myself read through three more of these books. This one was painfully and soul-crushingly dull, having nothing of the character or even superficial excitement of the previous novels in the series. If you are a fan of these books, you may find some enjoyment in it, but the book really was terrible in every single aspect of its presentation.

    I think fans will feel more insulted than anything else by this book. It really was horrifically bad. It did not do one single thing right, and I doubt that the writers can recover and make up for it in the forthcoming half of the series. This is the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

    There's probably no recovering from it. It is not often that I come across a book that has, literally, not one, single redeeming quality about it. This book is a true gem in that regard and in that regard alone. It is a complete failure of EPIC proportions on any and all levels, and in any and all aspects.

    I would recommend that anyone who enjoys well written material with a strongly character driven plot that comes to a satisfying end steer clear of this one.

    If you find yourself annoyed by characters that frequently and constantly act like assholes, overuse of the plot convenience fairy, and too many characters sitting around doing nothing, don't even pick it up, because that is the entirety of what this book is, and I guarantee that you will be trying to strangle the life out of it by the time you're three chapters in, if that.

    This book was HARD to read through, because it's full of characters I didn't give half a damn about, doing things that seemed more like they were trying to take take up time rather than actually do something. It may appeal to fans of the series, but I think a lot of people are going to look at this book as what it truly is.

    A waste of time. Check out my other reviews. Jul 16, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. Awesome to read about so many of the Garde coming together! I plan to start the fourth book asap! Seriously loving this series! Aug 04, L. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The Cover I think the cover looks cool. I like that there is a symbol etched in the sand, it looks very sci-fi-ish and no people which is always a big plus. The Story This book starts right where the last one ended.

    And to be quite honest there is no new story here. The Lorien kids are The Cover I think the cover looks cool. The Lorien kids are still looking for eachother while the Mogadorians are still after them trying to kill them. They still have to defeat the Mog leader. All three of them are likable enough. John was a bit annoying at times with his moping and longing while doing nothing. There are also Numbers 8 - Nine annoyed me most of the time, Eight was nice enough but also weird. The Heart Rate The romance in this book is really not that interesting.

    Here we have those kids who are running for their lives and who are supposed to save their planet but in the middle of battles and hiding they think about how hot the other is…eeeh, no thank you. And those super powers are seriously amazing, they range from invisibility to teleportation to telepathy to healing to defying gravity etc. The Bad - No plot development: As I said before, nothing new happens in this book.

    The plot is not moving at all, ironic considering that this is a truly fast paced book. It feels like the author wrote this book with the thought in mind, of how it will be on the big screen rather than writing a book with a story.

    They are all stagnant. I feel like the author s try so hard to make each Lorien kid be different from eachother that each of them is like a cardboard cut out, i.

    He was the only adult left who could not only protect the kids but also guide them…but he was just killed. So now there are no parental figures in the book at all. All the adults left are misguided FBI agents and a power hungry alien. How swell. I liked the first book which was action packed and fast paced too but actually had a story, i. View all 3 comments.

    Aug 10, Kassidy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I feel like this series just keeps getting better and better with each book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The three POVs keep everything exciting and fresh.

    There was not any point in this book that I was bored or felt that it dragged. There is just enough action to hold your interest and keep you on edge without it getting redundant. I really liked the new characters that were introduced and also the further development of older characters. I have to say, my favorite character is Six, she is just s I feel like this series just keeps getting better and better with each book! I have to say, my favorite character is Six, she is just so sassy and such a strong female character.

    Pittacus Lore

    I was worried about being confused since it's been a long time since I read the second book, but no worries! Everything is explained, and you are reminded of things that happened before to jog your memory so you can catch on quickly. I feel like the ending of the book is going to bother a lot of people haha. It left me just kind of like "Really It was not bad, but it does leave you hanging and itching for the next book. I kind of enjoy cliff-hangers in a series though because they keep me wanting more.

    I do have a lot of questions and concerns though: There were more questions raised but I don't want to give away any spoilers , and hopefully they will get answered at some point in the series! Great continuation of the series!

    Dec 16, Jemma marked it as to-read. There are a few things that i want to happen in the third book: I want nine to go die in a hole somewhere because he seems really mean. I want sam and six to get together. I want Sarah and Mark to join them on their journey I want to know who five and eight are! I also want seven to go.

    I Am Number Four, Lorien Legacies Series : Book 1 by Pittacus Lore | | Booktopia

    I dont like her at all. I hope it will be good! View all 7 comments. Dec 23, Chris Horsefield rated it it was amazing. I watched the film as few years ago and really enjoyed the story. I was disappointed when the sequel was never made especially since my friends kept telling me how good the book series was. Therefore I thought I would give the book a go and wow, it was a fantastic read! Even though I already knew what was going to happen, since I'd seen the film, I still found myself hooked and excited to read on.

    I've downloaded the next book so looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds. Jul 01, Aimee rated it it was ok. I would scream giddily with Six got the power of force fields!!!! She looked so kick-ass in the I Am Number Four movie with the force fields! I understand that she's like nine, eight, ten years old or whatever, but she just seems such a WUSS. I do understand that all she can do is magically switch ages, but you could at least throw a ROCK or something. You are supposed to be apart of the Garde.

    All in all, I am very excited for The Rise of Nine.


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