PDF | A number of major cities and towns in India reported a series of devastating urban floods in the recent decade. Mumbai flood PDF | The flood occurred in December in Chennai, the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu, India, is a major disaster in the history of the. PDF | On Apr 1, , Nancy Angeline and others published Health impact of chennai floods Observations in a medical relief camp.

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    Chennai Floods Pdf

    𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On May 1, , Balaji Narasimhan and others published Chennai Floods A Rapid Assessment. As Chennai, the capital city of the Indian State Tamil Nadu, was tions/images/ /perpemethico.ml . almost every single area in the Chennai getting flooded” (Interview. The South Indian floods resulted from heavy rainfall generated by the annual northeast The city of Chennai alone experienced five major floods between and , with the Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

    The Manjalneer Kalvai, primarily a flood drain channel for the City, overflowed after the Netteri lake breached on the Kancheepuram-Vellore Road in the wee hours of Friday, flooding the entire stretch of Gandhi Road and Munusamy Mudaliyar Avenue and forcing the police to close for traffic the prime junction Moongil Mandapam where the Gandhi Road joins with Vallal Pachaiyappan Salai. Kanchipuram Collector R. Gajalakshmi told reporters later that a total of 7, persons were rescued from inundated areas and accommodated in 26 shelters opened by the civic body. Boats were used to rescue the people from inundated areas in Pillayarpalayam, the Collector said. And also Vembakkam close to Kanchipuram recorded mm of rain on 13 November Continuing rains led to low-lying parts of Chennai becoming inundated by 13 November, resulting in the evacuation of over people from their homes. With a letup in rainfall, floodwaters gradually began to recede in Chennai on 4 December, though 40 percent of the city's districts remained submerged and safe food and drinking water remained in short supply. Many city neighbourhoods, however, remained flooded with some lacking basic necessities due to the uncoordinated distribution of relief materials.

    Chennai Floods : Latest Current Affairs and News - Current Affairs Today

    IHE Delft flood resilience experts try to answer this question. The beauty of Kerala, its undulating terrain and number of rivers, seem to have shown its dark side, leading to the loss of more than people, displacing , people, not to mention the damage to private property and public infrastructure. The economic damage due to flooding is yet to be ascertained. In spite of disruptions to rail, road and air traffic movement, the people of Kerala, neighbouring states, the local government department and the central government agencies came together and coordinated relief measures, which have prevented the events snowballing into a major public health catastrophe.

    Flood risk is a combination of the likelihood of the occurrence of flooding and the impact due to flooding.

    The occurrence of swelling rivers and overflowing banks can be due to the combined effect of rains and haphazard reservoir management. However, the increase in impact in majority of cases seems due to human factors.

    The flooding in rivers is attributed to the excessive monsoon rainfall, as well as the excessive flow from the majority of the 56 big dams that were open during the extreme rainfall. Each of these dams has a storage capacity of more than 60 million cubic metres. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of flooding to excessive rainfall or the opening of these dams, what is baffling is i the level of water beyond these dams, almost at the crest level in the first week of August; ii the release of water during the time of extreme rainfall; iii lack of knowledge among the nodal agencies and public about those areas most likely to be flooded; iv encroachment of flood plains; v lack of awareness about evacuation routes and safe areas.

    Also Kerala is one of the most urbanised states in India. However, urbanisation is uncontrolled: basic urban planning rules are often disregard due to the narrow focus on short term economic gain and real estate development. This is evident from the flooding of upmarket built up areas such as gated communities that have sprung up in the flood plains of Periyar.

    Why these reservoirs were not emptied in anticipation of rains in the upcoming two weeks; were these forecast windows not sufficient to empty the reservoirs; were these forecasts not reliable; when rainfall events can be forecast, why were the impacts not forecast and anticipatory actions rolled out; why were standard operating procedures not in place to trigger anticipatory actions?

    Disruption in availability of clean water, transportation, and communication can affect human health.

    Even though flooding cannot be avoided, the impact of floods can be mitigated. These impacts are aggravated by loss of health workers and damage to health infrastructure.

    In the medium term, complications of injuries, infections, psychiatric morbidities, communicable diseases, and starvation result. Long-term health effects of floods are chronic diseases, psychiatric comorbidities, poverty, and malnutrition.

    Hepatitis A and E can spread by feco-oral route. Leptospirosis can be transmitted by direct contact with contaminated water.

    Overcrowding can spread respiratory infections due to displacement. Tetanus is not transmitted person-to-person, but contaminated wounds can cause the illness in areas where vaccination coverage is low.

    Chennai Floods Current Affairs - 2019

    The effects of floods will be different in high-income countries as compared to low-income countries. Inadequate supply of drugs due to disruption of transportation resulted due to the floods.

    This hampered the distribution of drugs for communicable and noncommunicable diseases. The emotional and psychological consequences were high due to loss of belongings, houses, and family members. In our study, we aimed to assess the morbidity profile of patients attending the medical camps conducted at Chennai during the postflood period.

    Methodology Study area Medical camps were conducted in two revenue blocks in Thiruvallur district, namely, Minjur and Pulal. Thiruvallur district is one of the worst affected districts during the South Indian floods along with Kancheepuram and Chennai.

    Minjur is a periurban area with an average elevation of 11 m above the sea level. It is situated around 25 km from Chennai city.

    Chennai Floods: Decoding the Economic Impacts

    An extreme high-intensity rainfall occurred over these regions from November 27, , to December 4, , causing floods. Incessant rains, global warming, rapid urbanization, and poor drainage system in these areas observed to have contributed to flooding. Data were obtained on the age, sex, and presenting complaints from the camp attendees. SPSS Inc. Released Duration The camps were organized from December 13, , to December 17, Results Total number of patients seen in camps was Total number of health problems identified among people who came to the camp was A total of males and females attended the camp.

    Of all the presenting health problems of those who attended the camps, Table 1: Age- and gender-wise distribution of morbidities Click here to view Most of the persons who attended the medical camp belonged to the female sex This could be attributed to the fact that the camp was conducted during the working hours of the male population and most females were homemakers.

    Adults aged 19—59 years formed the most common age group attending the medical relief camps.


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